hatria Industry 4.0

The ultimate in innovation to create excellent Made in Italy products.

Use of the most advanced technologies production on a global level, to ensure the maximum repeatability of processes and very high quality standards.

Automation and technology innovation

Production technology that allows to be pioneers in terms of design evolution, hydraulic functionalityies and surface finishes.

Pure raw materials, great attention to waste and reuse of production waste for an efficient and sustainable production cycle.

High technology products

A new flushing system, patented at EU level and certified by TÜV, which completely upsets the image of the traditional sanitary ware.

An innovative idea that “hides from view” the water outlet hole ensuring a unique design , minimal and clean. In addition to offer exceptional performance and eco-sustainability: the total rinsing of the internal surface of the jar with only 4.5/3 liters of water.

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Certified quality and process research pursue in continuous improvement and optimization.


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