DEDICATO is Hatria’s new collection of shower trays, only 3 cm thick, with a tactile and textured surface that creates the perfect look and functionality for your bathroom. The characteristics of the material makes DEDICATO customisable: it can be easily cut according to your needs and adapted to any environment.

The range also includes a version with a raised containment Edge in the same finish as the tray, which can be positioned around part or all of the perimeter.


Accurate technical research has led to the creation of STONE DRESS, an exclusive, pleasant to the touch, texture that beautifully designs the surface of the shower tray, giving it the effect of natural stone. The matt finish comes in six different colours.

The special and exclusive Clean Dress treatment with special nanotechnologies protects the surface from oily substances and impurities, and guarantees excellent resistance to wear and aggressive agents.Clean Dress allows water to move smoothly over the surface, significantly reducing the deposit of limestone, and giving the surface, especially in the coloured shower trays, a rich and uniform effect.

The gel coat surface finish (1.5 mm thick) is hot moulded allowing the colour to become one with the mineral support. It is made with a modern vacuum technology that guarantees total absence of air bubbles, as well as solidity, durability and aesthetic longevity.