Mario Alessiani Studio believes in material and process, we always try to use design as a tool to emphasize material charateristics, interaction or technology through shapes.

VALLEY is a ceramic bathroom washbasin.

The concept behind this project was born taking the standard material shaping idea upside down.

Ceramics are seen more as a moldable surface, while in this case it is more a shaped solid everything following its function in a gentle way. An evident contrast beetween the body geometry and the organic of the basin which receives the water like a excavated rock.


Mario Alessiani was born in 1989, and after specialising in science in secondary school he decided to study industrial product design.

Originally from the town of Teramo in the Abruzzo region, he moved to Rome to study at the European Institute of Design (IED), where he had the opportunity to come into contact for the first time with leading companies in the industry. He began working for Gulio Patrizi while still a student,before moving to London where he worked for Jake Phipps. He subsequently returned to Italy where he opened his studio and began working with various national and international companies. His motto is “making things functionally beautiful”, always searching for the best way to make a material, a technology or an interaction show its best shape.