Milano Design Week 2016

Great success for NEXT, the new Hatria collection designed by Mario Alessiani and presented suring the event " Nel BLU dipinto di BLU "during the Milano Design week 2016 in a historic location in the hearth of Brera in collaboration with Tabula kitchen, Inkiostro Bianco and Listone Giordano.

NEXT is a clean break with the past underlined by pure and decisive lines that allow ceramic to reach the aesthetic perfection.

Milano Design Week 2016 Milano Design Week 2016

NEXT is a collection where ceramic celebrates technical innovations with amazing lines completely new, to emphasize in a distinctive and net way all the innovations in the next generation of bathroom products, in fact, is the perfect synthesis of innovations achieved in the world of ceramics sanitaryware: compact and clean shapes, complete fairing, the INVISIBLE SIPHON contained in the WCs for maximum aesthetic purity, the Pure Rim system and flushing with 4.5 liters for water savings, the seat “soft close”and take off system seat cover, the hidden fixing and the easy installation.

NEXT, is the absolute protagonist of the event and will be showed in preview, flanked to CANALGRANDE washbasins, design by Nilo Gioacchini