PETRA_H3 Ardesia


PETRA_H3 Ardesia is the line of shower-trays in ceramic produced by Hatria factory (MADE IN ITALY), with an unique slate effect ultra-defined.

The collection is available in 4 colors, and 6 different measures, all with possibility of being cut tayolor-made and glazed on the 4 sides.

PETRA_H3 Ardesia shower trays collection is totally produced in Hatria factory in Teramo, Italy. The high-pressure proprietary technology allows an uncomparable slate effect. PETRA_H3 Ardesia are available in 6 different measures, and in 4 colors.
The innovative high-pressure technological process makes it possible to obtain a high quality product using only natural materials, in clear contrast with synthetic composites and resins that cannot, by their very nature, guarantee consistent performance over time. The Hatria antibacterial ceramic glaze makes the shower tray particularly hygienic, easy to clean (anti-stain, UNI 4543 tested, dimethylene blue, ink, iodine dye and potassium permanganate) and confers clearly superior characteristics in terms of durability and resistance compared to resin surfaces (which, on the contrary, are porous, and could tend to absorb external agents).
A new generation of ceramic shower trays is born that offers extreme flexibility, thanks to the glaze edges on the 4 sides that provide adaptability in any type of shower area. More, thanks to the ceramic body developed in the Hatria laboratories, the Petra_H3 Ardesia shower tray is reducible, so it can be ordered with customized cut, to easily adapt to any bathroom project
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