The evolution of contemporary, elegant, sophisticated design without any reduction in the strength of the ceramic material gives us the new collection of washbasins. 

New look with ultra-thin edges. Just 5 mm thick 

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ALCHEMY takes shape and is completed thanks to the development of a special bod mix, allowing the slenderest of designs. An innovative high-tech treatment for finishing ceramic surfaces ALCHEMY, that gives sanitary fixtures a unique shine and unbeatable toughness, with resistance to microbes and deposits. 

Conceived to guarantee hygiene and durability, ALCHEMY combines with new, exclusively styled forms made possible by a Hatria proprietary body mix, which delivers outstanding aesthetic values together with significant environmental benefits. Exclusive features: ANTIBACTERIAL, ANTI-LIMESCALE, TIMELESS, WATER-REPELLENT
Technological characteristics embrace new, expressive forms of design. With its new, wide COLOUR ASSORTIMENT, Alchemy fits attractively into any interior and setting. The fresh, elegant shades, expressing the purity of nature, inspire ideas and the imagination, suggesting new horizons for constructing the bathroom of your dreams.
HAPPY HOUR Slim and FUSION Round, the perfect balance between forms and contents, the perfect combination for your bathroom.
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