G-Full by Hatria is a system of integrated mono-block appliances that unite in a single ceramic unit the function of toilet and bidet. The large cover in solid wood slates or in white finishing, transforms G-Full into a supporting surface, extending the use of the object which reveals new flexible applications linked to the theme of wellbeing and the world of interior design.

G-Full is available in two dimensions, 140 or120 cm in the two versions with the toilet on the right or on the left; both can be completed with a suspended drawer container which, besides hiding the technical parts underneath, creates a very handy element for containing towels and other things useful to have to hand.
G-Full is a veritable system of appliances thanks to the elements that give continuity to the support surfaces or to G-Full itself. Itís a system of benches that when combined create a continuous surface, a sort of integration of all the bathroom elements in which the G-Full 140 and also the G-Full 120 are the centre of all the design solutions.
To complete the G-Full system, the original and innovative 48 cm clothes wash basin, which can be installed above the L-shaped benches in any position, completing the functions of the new integrated bathroom, or suspended on the wall. The sink, with a very deep basin, is really a sort of very modern washtub which doesnít compromise the look of the bathroom. This article can be used, as a sort of minimal solution, with G-Full in place of the bidet. A clothes wash basin + toilet element is thereby created that could be particularly useful in limited spaces.